Seek & Blastn

Seek for nucleotide sequences in pdf files and then call a local version of blastn.
To try the prototype: select a zip file containing pdf files... upload and wait... wait... for a link to results.

Choose a file to upload

Please consider having a look at how to interpret results.

The seek& blastn version is in testing phase and may therefore produce false-positive and false-negative results.
Seek & blastn searches query nucleotide sequences against the human genomic + transcript database. Published nucleotide sequence reagents from other species may therefore be incorrectly identified by seek & blastn.
We strongly recommend that seek & blastn results be subjected to manual checking prior to taking any further action, such as contacting authors or journal editors, or flagging publications using PubPeer or social media.

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Jennifer Byrne
Guillaume Cabanac
Bertrand Favier
Thierry Gautier
Cyril Labbe

If you would like to support the further development of seek & blastn, please contact Cyril or Jennifer.
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